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Sharp MX-M356N Mono MFP
35 PPM Monochrome Workgroup Document System Base models include standard out-of-the-box copy, PCL6 network print and network color scan capability, auto duplexing, electronic sorting, card shot copy, 2 x 500-sheet cassettes and 100-sheet bypass tray. Toner cartridge and developer sold separately.

Quantity :   Additional Accessories & Supplies
List Price : $ 8,400.00
 General Specifications
  Mono/Color Speed (CPM)   26PPM  
  Output Resolution   600 x 600 dpi  
  Warm Up Time   20 Sec  
  First Copy Time   7sec  
  Zoom   up to 400%  
  Std/Max Copier Memory   2 GB  
  Standard Paper Capacity   1100  
  Duplex Copy   yes  
  Min/Max Copy Size   5.5 x 8.5 to 11x17  
 Connectivity Specifications
  Operating System Support   Windows & MAC OSX  
  Interface(s)   RJ-45 10/100/1000 2012 Base-T USB 2.0  
  Network Interface   TCP/IP SSL SMTP POP3 LDAP  
 Fax Specifications
  Modem Speed (Kbps)   33.6 KBPS  
  Transmission Speed (Seconds Per Page)   SUPER G3  
  Memory   512MB  
  One-Touch/Speed Dials   UP TO 1000  
Additional Accessories & Supplies  
  AR-DS19 Deluxe High Copier Cabinet - 1 Door (For use with standard configuration) CALL
  AR-DS20 Low Copier Cabinet (For use with additional MX-CS13 or MX-CS12 paper trays) CALL
  MX-312DU Drum Frame Unit - Estimated Yield 300,000 Images/Unit all models Estimated Yield - 300,000 Images/Unit all models CALL
  MX-312FU1 Fusing Unit Estimated Yield - 150,000 Images/Unit CALL
  MX-312KA Maintenance Kit - 2 Drum Separation Pawl Unit, Main charger Unit, Cleaner Blade, Estimated Yield - 100,000 Images/Kit CALL
  MX-312LH Lower Heat Roller Kit - 1 Lower Heat Roller, 4 Lower Fusing Separator Pawls, & 2 Lower Fusing Brushes. Estimated Yield - 300,000 Images/Kit CALL
  MX-312MR Feeder Roller Kit (for multi bypass tray) CALL
  MX-312RT Feeding Roller Kit Estimated Yield - 100,000 Images/Unit CALL
  MX-312TF Toner Filter Estimated Yield - 100,000 Images/Unit CALL
  MX-312TX Transfer Roller Unit Estimated Yield - 150,000 Images/Unit CALL
  MX-313UH Upper Heat Roller Kit - 1 Upper Heat Roller, 1 Fusing Gear, 2 Upper Fusing Bearings, 1 Upper Cleaning Pad, & 4 Upper Fusing Separator Pawls. Estimated Yield - 150,000 Images/Kit CALL
  MX-315NT Toner - 765 Grams/ Cartridge Estimated Yield - 27,500 Images/ Cartridges CALL
  MX-AMX2 Application communication module (Requires MX-HD12) *This option is common with MX-3500N & MX-3501N CALL
  MX-AMX2SPC Application Communication Module (download version) CALL
  MX-AMX3 External Accounting Module (Requires MX-HD12) *This option is common with MX-3500N & MX-3501N CALL
  MX-AMX3SPC External Account Module (download version) CALL
  MX-CS12 500-sheet x 1 Drawers Paper Feed Unit (4th tray requires MX-CS13) CALL
  MX-CS13 500-sheet x 1 Drawer Paper Feed Unit (3rd Tray) CALL
  MX-FN26 Inner Finisher (Cannot be used with MX-TR18) CALL
  MX-FR50U Data Security Kit - non CC (Requires MX-HD15) - (not available at time of launch) CALL
  MX-FWX1 Internet Fax (i-fax) Expansion Kit (Requires MX-HD12) *This option is common with MX-3500N & MX-3501N CALL
  MX-HD15 Hard Disk Drive Expansion Kit - includes auto disk overwrite CALL
  MX-TR17 Exit Tray Unit (requires MX-FN26) CALL
  MX-TR18 Job Separator Tray (Cannot be used with MX-FN26) CALL
  MX-US10SPC Sharpdesk 3.5 License Kit 10 Users (download version) CALL
  MX-US50SPC Sharpdesk 3.5 License Kit 50 Users (download version) CALL
  MX-USA0SPC Sharpdesk 3.5 License Kit 100 Users (download version) CALL
  MX-USX1SPC Sharpdesk 3.5 License Kit 1 User (download version) CALL
  MX-USX5SPC Sharpdesk 3.5 License Kit 5 Users (download version) CALL
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