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LED Monitors
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With its 70" class (69 ? 1/2" diagonal) screen size, 24/7 reliability and energy efficient edge lit LED backlight, the PN-R703 is designed to meet the rigors of most any commercial display or digital signage application. Add to this Sharp’s UV2A photo alignment technology, full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, and optional media player, and you have one of the highest performing and most flexible displays in the industry. For versatility, performance and value, there’s never been a better time to think BIG ? and think Sharp.

Quantity :   Additional Accessories & Supplies
List Price : $ 6,195.00
Additional Accessories & Supplies  
  EWC1PN3R7T4 PN-E521P (w/PNZB01), PN-E601 (w/PNZB01) CALL
  EWC2PN3R7T5 PN-E521P (w/PNZB01), PN-E601 (w/PNZB01) CALL
  PN-SP02 Upgrade from Network (SS02) to Professional (SS05) CALL
  PN-SP05 Upgrade from PN SS05 (SDSS Pro) to PN-SW05 (SDSS Pro Web) CALL
  PN-SS01 PN-SS01 standalone software programs digital posters, video information and other content to be delivered and displayed at a pre-scheduled time on a Sharp PN series professional LCD monitor. This software provided as a download. CALL
  PN-SS02 PN-SS02 software permits you to program digital posters, video information and other content to be delivered to up to 100 remote PCs on a network and displayed at pre-scheduled times on Sharp PN series professional LCD monitors. (PN-SV01 viewer software, PC and Sharp PN series LCD monitor required at each remote location). This software provided as a download. CALL
  PN-SS05 PN-SS05 (Professional version) delivers all functions of PN-SS02 (network version) with a better interface for managing a large number of screens, up to 1,000 target PCs. It also adds pull distribution to support DHCP connections. (PN-SV01 viewer software, PC and Sharp PN series monitor required at each viewer location.) This software provided as a download. CALL
  PN-SV01 PN-SV01 viewer software permits the content prepared with PN-SS01 software to be stored on a USB flash drive for playback on another PC and other Sharp PN series LCD monitors. The PN-SV01 viewer software also permits content prepared with PN-SS02 software and distributed over a network to be played back at up to 100 remote locations. (PN-SV01 software, PC and Sharp PN series LCD monitor required at each remote location). This software provided as a download. CALL
  PN-SW05 PN-SW05 (SDSS Pro Web) has all of the features and functionality of SDSS Pro, but adds the ability for access by multiple end users. CALL
  PN-TPC2W7A Optional PC for use with all Sharp AQUOS BOARD displays. Intel Pentium 2.6 GHz dual-core processor with Windows 7 Pro. Attaches to rear of display. Optional media player PC for use with Sharp PN-A and PN-E series monitors. Attaches to the rear of the display providing all-in-one package. Incorporates dual core Intel Dual core Pentium CPU and supports multiple monitors and video streams. CALL
  PN-ZR01 Optional control kit. Permits all PN-V601 monitors in a video wall to be controlled using one remote controller, when one of the monitors is fitted with a remote control sensor box (included). The brightness sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the backlight to suit the ambient lighting, contributing to overall energy savings. (includes remote controller and remote control sensor box) CALL
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