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The KV-S3105 offers high-speed, full-colour and binary scanning at the touch of a button. Whether your documents call for traditional binary scanning or double-sided colour, the KV-S3105 delivers the image quality you have come to expect from Panasonic.
Quantity :   Additional Accessories & Supplies
List Price : $ 29,995.00
  Auto Document Feeder   1000-Sheets  
  Scanning Type   3-Line Color CCD  
  Maximum Scan Size   Ledger  
  Scanning Resolution   600 dpi  
  Connectivity   Ultrawide SCSI (68 pin) / USB 2.0  
Additional Accessories & Supplies  
  KV1SSHV-247 1 year 24/7 in-warranty. CALL
  KV1SSHV-2471 1-Month Co-Terminus On-Site 24/7. CALL
  KV1SSHV-247P 1 year 24/7 post-warranty CALL
  KV1SSHV-2NBD 2 year on-site next business day in-warranty CALL
  KV1SSHV-3NBD 3 year on-site next business day in-warranty CALL
  KV1SSHV-5NBD 5 year on-site next business day in-warranty CALL
  KV1SSHV-NBD 1 year on-site next business day in-warranty CALL
  KV1SSHV-NBD1 1 month co-terminus on-site next business day CALL
  KV1SSHV-NBDP 1 year on-site next business day post-warranty CALL
  KV1SSHV-SBD 1 year on-site same business day in-warranty CALL
  KV1SSHV-SBD1 1 month co-terminus on-site same business day. CALL
  KV1SSHV-SBDP 1 year on-site same business day post-warranty CALL
  KV1SS-INSP Product Inspection CALL
  KV1SS-INST End User Installation - Single Event. CALL
  KV1SSPM-HV Document Scanner single event PM Service - Mid/High Volume CALL
  KV1SSPM-LV Document Scanner single event PM Service - WG/DP/LV CALL
  KV1SS-TRN End User Training - Single event CALL
  KV-SS026 Rooler Exchange Kit CALL
  KV-SS027 Roller Exchange Kit (thin paper) CALL
  KV-SS028 Post-Imprinter CALL
  KV-SS03 Cleaning Kit CALL
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