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The UB-T880WET offers convenient features like Dynamic Image Control, allowing images to be easily moved, scaled and rotated. Simultaneous Operation allows interaction by up to 3 users at the same time, and Ink Note allows inserts of text or images to popular MS Office applications from the board. Built-in stereo speakers compliment your visually rich lessons, while a multifunctional electronic pen interacts with the board using different colors and an eraser function

Quantity :   Additional Accessories & Supplies
List Price : $ 3,195.00
  Printer Type   Multi-Touch Interactive Elite Electronic White Board  
  Panel Size   46.26 x 72.64 in.  
Additional Accessories & Supplies  
  KX-B035 Marker & eraser set (for use with all UB series Panaboard models). Contains 3 dry erase markers (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green) and 1 eraser CALL
  KX-BP0481 Replacement eraser cloth - set of 10. Use with KX-BP048 electronic eraser. CALL
  UE1PBD-CABL Additional cabling service CALL
  UE1PBD-CART Multimedia cart installation CALL
  UE1PBD-CONI Additional service charge for concrete installation (requires wall mount installation service) CALL
  UE1PBD-HRCH Additional hourly service rate (excludes electrical) CALL
  UE1PBD-PCIN Mini PC / PC installation (up 2 PCs per site) CALL
  UE1PBD-PROJ Single projector new installation / replacement / repositioning CALL
  UE1PBD-STND Panaboard installation service on stationary mobile stand CALL
  UE1PBD-STPR Panaboard installation service on mobile stand with up/down unit & projector CALL
  UE1PBD-SWIN Software installation service - includes up to 10 clients CALL
  UE1PBD-UDPR Panaboard wall mount w/ up/down unit & projector CALL
  UE1PBD-WLCP Panaboard basic wall mount & ceiling projector (excludes up/down unit) CALL
  UE1PBD-WLMT Panaboard basic wall mount (excludes up/down unit) CALL
  UE1PBD-WLWP Panaboard basic wall mount w/ wall mounted projector CALL
  UE1PENTIP Replacement pen tip for UE-608026 electronic pen for UB-T880 series. Contains 5 replacement pen tips CALL
  UE1T7-NBD 3-5 year upgrade on-site next business day in-warranty (UB-T series only) CALL
  UE1T7-NBDP 3-5 year upgrade on-site next business day post-warranty (UB-T series only) CALL
  UE-608026 Electronic pen (UB-T880 series interactive board) CALL
  UE-608031 Including locking casters CALL
  UE-608032 Short-throw arm unit (for use w/ UE-608030. Supported projectors: Panasonic PT-ST10, Sanyo LP-WXL46(S), Epson EB-410W, Optoma EX525ST, Acer S1200, Benq MP772ST, Beng MP776ST) CALL
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