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Wide Format Imaging is an essential component to many vertical markets, such as AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction), Manufacturing, Government, and Education and the KIP 7170 Wide Format MFP can be a significant document output device capable of copying, printing and scanning large-sized documents and sets.
Quantity :   Additional Accessories & Supplies
List Price : $ 19,995.00
  Print Speed (Color/Mono) [Pages per Minute]   6 D / 3.3 A0 size pages per minute First Print Output Time 21 s  
  Standard Memory (Maximum Memory)   2 GB DDR3 Standard - Upgradable to 4 GB  
  Paper Size   36" x 48" (E Size)  
  Printing Resolution   600 x 2400 dpi  
  Network Ready   Standard 10/100BaseTX  
  Compatibility   PDF DWF HPGL 1/2 HP-RTL Calcomp 906/907 CALS Group 4 TIFF  
Additional Accessories & Supplies  
  81255136 24" x 36" 500 Sheets/carton. CALL
  81255148 36" x 48" 750 Sheets/carton. CALL
  81255418 18" x 500 2 Rolls/carton. CALL
  81255436 36" x 500 2 Rolls/carton. CALL
  81255438 30" x 500 2 Rolls/carton. CALL
  855D200665 Ingrated Sheet Cassette Holds up to 30 Sheets CALL
  855D200666 Catch Tray Set Holder for managing high print volumes CALL
  855D200667 Rear print Receiving Tray. CALL
  855D200668 Rear Original and Print Stacking System CALL
  855D200670 Connection Kit for KIP 1200 Auto Stacker. CALL
  855D200686 KIP Fold 2000 Online Fan and Cross Folding System. CALL
  855D200688 KIP Fold 2000 Option Extended Length Fan Fold for document lengths in excess of 17 feet via Keycode. CALL
  855D200689 KIP Fold 1000 Online Fan Folding System CALL
  855D300200 Identification card (CAC) used for DoD authentication CALL
  855D300201 External removable case for Secure Hard Drive Connection Kit. CALL
  855D300202 PDF Printing option for PDF files (Includes support for Postscript levels 1,2 & 3, PDF1.7,sets printing, collation, multi page support, image sizing, & scaling, recall, viewing,file conversion & unliKYOed site license) CALL
  855D300203 Capability to copy and print to 3 additional inkjet printers ( Inkjet Wide Format / Other KIP Printers). CALL
  855D400415 Start-up Toner For Installation 2x400g Cartridges (Required with Purchase Order). CALL
  855D400416 2x400g Cartridges. CALL
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