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  PRO 175CC4
PRO 175CC4

The Intimus 175CC4 shred up to about 37 sheets at a time.This reliable shredder features the i-control panel, which displays the shredders status at all times. One of the several back lit icons will illuminate for any error. Solid steel cutters tear through paper, staples, paper clips, CDs, and credit cards at speed of 20 feet per minute. The DLS indicator lights up if the user overloads the shredder. Should a paper jam occur, the Intimus 175CC4 will automatically switch into reverse mode to alleviate the malfunction.
Quantity :    
List Price : $ 3,534.69
  Size of Shreds [Inch]   5/64 x 19/32 inches  
  Working Width [Inch]   16 inches  
  Shredding Capacity [Sheets]   25-30 sheets  
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